High ratio burner MF300

High ratio burner MF300

Model No.︰YK 300

Brand Name︰XIARAN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2300 / Parts

Minimum Order︰1 Parts

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Product Description

Performance parameter Turndown ratio 36:1 Maximum power 280000 kcal/h Minimum power 7800 kcal/h Gas maximum consumption 33 Nm3/h Minimum gas consumption 0.9 Nm3/h Gas inlet pressure 18‐‐‐22 mbar Main burner accessories • Combination of solenoid valve HONEYWELL • Motors SIEMENS • Ignition transformer SIEMENS • Program controller SIEMENS • Air pressure switch DUNGS MF 300 burner comes with complete control and security devices Customers only need to provide the appropriate pressure range of inlet gas, power and temperature control signal. If you need to learn more about burner installation, use, and the Shanghai summer fueled sales of electromechanical equipment limited contact. Stretching finishing primary role is to improve the uniformity of width of fabric, of adjusting the weft yarns in the fabric, the weft can be corrected to avoid deformation of the fabric in the process of wearing. The principle is to use natural fiber fabrics in wet conditions the plasticity, fabric width gradually widening to the required size, and drying treatment. Hot air tentering shaped joint machine dual-use clothing clip, adjustable oven temperature 50-250 degrees Celsius when using bujia and oven temperature is 100 degrees Celsius when stretching drying process when using the PIN clip range and oven temperatures of 180-210 degrees Celsius when the heat setting process. The structure is divided into into the cloth stretched picture section, drying room, cloth, and other sections. Technology brief Government to pay attention to environmental protection Businesses to concentrate on energy saving and consumption reducing Technical improvement to existing products in the textile industry is imperative! Natural gas as a clean energy, local government strong support direct-fired combustion technology used to dramatically improve energy efficiency, through altering the traditional oil equipment we find that 30% direct-fired combustion technology to reduce energy consumption, has effect on reducing production costs, increase market competitiveness.

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